Patron Account Overview


The Patron Account provides access to all patron-related functions: checking items out; viewing and editing current loans; placing and managing holds; viewing, creating, and managing bills and charges; creating and managing messages to patrons; updating patron information; and other general patron management tasks.

Retrieve Patron Accounts

Search for Patron By Name

  1. From the Home Screen or using the Search menu, click Search for Patron by Name
  2. In the search form, in the appropriate boxes enter full names or use the first few characters
    • The search matches characters in the specific field, from left to right
    • The Name Keyword option can be used to search a name, or part of a name, across all name fields and will match the string in any part of the name. This is helpful when searching for patrons with hyphenated names.
  3. Click Search
  4. All matching records will populate the list

PatronSearch Results 332.png

Access the patron record

  1. Double click the patron record row, or
  2. Click the Card link to go to Checkout, or
  3. Click any of the function links: Check Out, Items Out, Holds, Bills, Edit to access those screens
    • The function tab will highlight dark blue, indicating the active screen
    • If there is an alert on the account it will display before the selected function
    • If the patron has bills, the Bills screen will open before the selected function
  4. Within the function screens, the Patron Search button remains available
    • Depending on the action taken on the patron record, clicking Patron Search will open either a blank patron search form or the previous search result list

Scan Barcode in Checkout

  1. From the Home screen, click Check Out Items
  2. Scan the patron barcode
  3. The patron account opens

Patron Summary

Located in a panel on the left side of the patron account, the patron summary provides at-a-glance details about the patron, including activity dates, fines, circ details,

Hide or Show Summary

  • Once a patron account is opened, the summary information can hidden:
    PatronAccount CollapsePatronSummaryDisplay.png
  • Once hidden, the sumamry information can be expanded:
    PatronAccount ExpandPatronSummaryDisplay.png

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