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Holds Management

Default Hold Notification Preferences

Patron Edit > User Settings

User Settings is where staff can enter information that is used to auto-fill place hold forms. For new patron records, Phone and Email are checked by default. If the User Settings are not edited on record creation, the place hold form will have Phone and Email checked, and if the patron has a Daytime Phone number on record, that will auto-fill for the phone notification. Email notifications are always a yes/no check, and use the email address on record. Staff can update this information at any time at the patron's request. Patrons can also change their own hold notification preferences from their online account.

PatronRecord UserSettings.png

  • Default Phone Number can be any number, and does not have to be otherwise included in the patron record.
  • Default Hold Pickup Location is generally the Home Library/library where the record was created. This can be changed to any library of the patron's preference.
  • Hold is behind Circ Desk is a feature not used by any PLS libraries; leave unchecked.
  • Collections: Exempt is a feature not used by any PLS libraries; leave unchecked.
  • Hold Notices - check or uncheck the preferred notification format; email draws from the email address on file.
  • Default SMS/Text Number enter the text number using the format 1235554987 (area code and no hyphens)
  • Default SMS/Carrier - select the carrier from the list; if the patron's carrier is not listed contact PLS for assistance. If the patron does not know what carrier they have, have them send a text to a library email (compose a text, and in the area where the erecipient's number would go, enter the email address). The message will include carrier information.

Patron Online Account > Preferences

Patron Holds

Open Hold Requests

This displays all currently pending holds, including suspended holds. From this list, holds can be viewed, edited, and canceled.

OpenHoldsList 332.png

Recently Cancelled Holds

This list displays up to 20 holds cancelled within the previous 6 months. Canceled holds can be uncanceled, which will move it to the Open Hold Requests list. The new Request Date will be the uncancel date.

RecentlyCanceledHolds 332.png

Place Hold

From Patron Account

  1. Retrieve the patron account
  2. Click Holds
  3. Click Place Holds
  4. Search for titles
  5. For selected title click Place Hold
  6. Check to make sure the patron's hold notification preferences are checked
    • There have been some issues with the web client where notification preferences do not appear in the patron's user settings so remain unchecked in the place hold form
  7. Click Submit
    • There is a current issue where the web client "remembers" where the cursor is positioned in the place hold screen and is in the same place on the hold confirmation screen - halfway down the screen. You will need to scroll up to view the confirmation message and see other navigation options.
  8. Continue to search/place more holds, or click out of the holds function

From the Catalog

  1. From an item in a catalog search results list, or the title details, click Place Hold
  2. In the Place Hold form, scan the patron barcode, or click Patron search to retrieve the patron by name
    • In the search pop-up, enter the patron's name or other search criteria
    • Select the patron from the search results
    • Click Select
  3. Make sure the patron's name and hold notifications display
  4. Click Submit

Detailed View

Edit Holds

Pickup Library

Pickup library can be changed while the hold is in any status, including Readt for Pickup. If the hold is Waiting for Copy or Waiting for Capture, changing the pickup library will be seamless. If the hold is In Transit, the item will arrive at its original pickup destination and on check in it will be routed to the new destination. If the item is Ready for Pickup on a hold shelf, the status will change to "wrong shelf" and there is no other alert to the original pickup library. The item will need to be scanned in check in to put it in transit to the new library. If a library changes the pickup up location for a ready for pickup hold, they should contact the original library. Patrons can also change the location, but do not know to contact the library.

  1. Select the hold(s) to edit
  2. Click Actions
  3. Select Edit Pickup Library
  4. In the pop-up box, select the desired new pickup library
  5. Click Submit
  6. Verify the updated pickup library in the open holds list

WebClient Patron Holds EditPickupLib.png

Notification Settings

Any changes to notification methods and numbers for exisiting holds must be made manually. Updating a patron's general contact information will not alter hold records.

  1. Select the hold(s) to edit
  2. Click Actions
  3. Click Edit Notification settings
  4. In the pop-up select the notification type AND add the value
    • Email draws from the email address on file
    • Phone # should be enteretd in the format 555-123-4567
    • Text/SMS # should be entered in the format 5559876543
  5. Click Submit
  6. Verify the updated notifications in the open holds list

WebClient Patron Holds EditNotifications.png

Edit Hold dates

This function allows staff, depending on permissions, to edit varous dates related to the hold request. The most useful date that can be changed by all staff is Shelf Expire Date. The default shelf expire date is 7 days; if the hold is not pickedup in 7 days, the hold should be cleared from the shelf and routed on. Changing this date will alert all staff that the patron has been allowed extra (or less) time to pick up their hold.
EditHoldDates 332.png


Find Another Target

Cancel Holds

Basic Cancel Holds

Cancel "Ready for pickup" holds

View Canceled Holds

Other hold actions

Show Last few Circulations

Show Holds for Title

Mark item Damaged

Mark item Missing

Patron Online Account Holds

Age-based Hold Protection

Hold fulfillment

Types of holds

There are four types of holds that can be placed in Evergreen.
  • Metaholds - are placed on Grouped Formats and Editions and can be filled by any copy from any of the grouped title records - for example, if a patron would accept the first available of a print book, large print book, or audiobook, a metahold can be placed on those grouped title records. Can be placed by patrons and by staff. Designated by an M.
  • Title holds - are placed on a single title record and can be filled by any copy attached to that record. Can be placed by patrons and staff. Designbated by a T.
  • Volume holds - are placed on volume, or call number, records for a specific library's holdings, and can only be filled by copies attched to the volume record. Can be placed by staff. Designated by a V.
  • Copy holds - are placed on specific copy records and can only be filled by that specific copy. Can be placed by staff. Designated by a C.

Re-target holds

Target newly added copies for holds

Check in is used after adding new copies to put the copy into circulation and to update hold records for newly added copies. The circulation modifiers Retarget Local Holds and Retarget All Statuses should be used in tandem to force the system to check for holds that can be fulfilled by the copy being scanned.

The retarget modifiers can be set for all checkin screens on all workstations, or only on workstations used by holdings maintenance staff.

WebClient CheckIn AlwaysRetargetLocalHolds.jpg

Hold Limits

All OWWL users are allowed 20 active holds at one time. Suspended holds are not included in that count.
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