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Web client - Catalog Record Holdings View


The Holdings View displays the volume/copy records held by a selected library or all libraries. The list defaults to your workstation library.

From this view, staff with "tech" permissions can edit their libraries' holdings, and see other libraries' holdings.
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List options

These options can be toggled on or off. PLS recommends leaving all options toggled on. The list does not display libraries that do not have volume and copy records.

  • Show Empty volumes - If a library has an empty volume record, it will display with copy detail
  • Show Copy Details - displays copy-specific data, such as status and barcode
  • Show Volume Detail - displays volume-specific data such as copy location and call number

List Actions

Selecting records allows staff, according to their permissions, access tot he following tasks:

  • Add Items to Bucket
  • Make Items Bookable - the Booking Module is not currently used by PLS
  • Book Item Now - the Booking Module is not currently used by PLS
  • Request Items
  • Link as Conjoined to Previously Marked Bib Record - conjoined items not currently used by PLS
  • Choose Library for Volume/Copy Transfer Destination






  • Volumes to Previously Marked Record
  • Volumes to Previously Marked Library
  • Volumes to Previously Marked Record and Library
  • Copies to Previously Marked Library
  • Items to Previously Marked Volume
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