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Item Status is used to retrieve item records by barcode. It allows staff to look at items without changing their statuses, jump to other functions, and make edits to the records as needed.

Item Status List

Detail View

Record Summary

Quick Summary

Recent Circ History

Circ History List

Retrieve Patrons

Retrieve all, or retrieve specific

Add Billing

Holds / Transits

Cataloging Info

Triggered Events


  • Add Items To Buckets
  • Make Items Bookable - not enabled
  • Book Item Now - not enabled
  • Request Items
  • Link as Conjoined to Previously Marked Bib Record - PLS Catalogers only
  • Delete Items
  • Checkin Items
  • Renew Items
  • Cancel Transit
  • Show Triggered Events
  • Show Item Holds
  • Show Record Holds
  • Show Print Labels
  • Mark Items as Damaged
  • Mark Item as Missing
  • Add Items
  • Add Volumes and Items
  • Replace Barcodes
  • Transfer Items to Previously Marked Library
  • Transfer Items to Previously Marked Volume

Edit Actions

Edit Volumes - not currently functional, known issue

Edit Items

Edit Volumes and Items - not currently functional for edit volumes, known issue

Batch Edit

Upload records from file

Use a text file of barcodes to import records into Item Status for batch editing. This technique is helpful when using shelf list reports to update copy records.

  1. Create the barcode file
    1. Starting from a report, copy the barcode cells
      • be sure to copy ONLY the barcodes, not the column header or other cells
      • Work in batches of about 50-100 barcodes; the more barcodes/records loaded, the longer updates take to complete
    2. Open Notepad
      • Do not use Word or other rich text editor
    3. Paste the barcodes into the Notepad file
    4. Save the file somewhere easy to find and name it Barcodes
  2. Import the records
    1. In Evergreen, open Item Status
    2. Click "Choose File" and open the Barcodes file
    3. Records will start to load
  3. Edit the records
    1. Select all of the records by clicking the check box in the table header
    2. Click Actions, and select Edit Items
    3. Update the necessary fields
    4. Click Save & Exit


To configure the Item status list template and printer settings, see: Print Templates and Printer Settings.
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