Mark Item Damaged


Mark Item Damaged can be used to change a copy's status to Damaged and either bill the most recent patron for the damage or not bill the patron. Items with Damaged status are not holdable, and will appear on the List Items by Copy status Report. Please note that bills for damaged items must be printed manually .

Access Mark Item Damaged from Item Status

  1. Scan an item in Item Status
  2. Select the record, right click
  3. Select Mark as Damaged

WebClient MarkItemDamaged ItemStatus.png

Access Mark Item Damaged from the Catalog > Holdings View

  1. Retrieve a title record through a catalog search
  2. Click the Holdings View
  3. Select the record, right click
  4. Select Mark Item as Damaged

WebClient MarkItemDamaged HoldingsView.png

Mark Item Damaged

  1. After Clicking Mark Item as Damaged
  2. Confirm the action
    WebClient MarkItemDamaged Confirm.png
  3. The Mark Item(s) Damaged Dialog opens

Not your item?

Please see the Damaged item flowchart

If charging the previous user a fee

In the Mark Item(s) Damaged dialog
  1. Use the default replacement fee or adjust to a different amount
  2. Select the "Manual Damaged Item" bill type
  3. Add a note
  4. Click Submit
    WebClient MarkItemDamaged ChargeFee.png

If not charging a fee

In the Mark Item(s) Damaged dialog
  1. Click No Charge
  2. Click Submit
    WebClient MarkItemDamaged NoFee.png
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