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Search the Catalog provides access to title, volume, and copy records and cataloging and holdings maintenance functions. Staff have access to different information than patrons.

TIP When helping patrons with reference or reader's advisory questions, PLS recommends that staff use the online catalog instead of the web client.

TIP The search form and results, and various catalog function interfaces are contained in panes within the Catalog tab. There will be two scroll bars - one for the browser window, and another for the function pane. Related to this - clicking links within the catalog, including author names, Library, Copy and Volume hold, "Reviews, Series, Suggested Reads, Summaries & More" section will open the OPAC page and take you out of the staff catalog.

There are three types of search available in the catalog
  • Basic Search - single index selection, single format selection, single library selection
  • Advanced Search - default web client search; combine multiple indexes, select multiple filters, single library selection, etc., includes additional options for numeric and MARC searching
  • Browse the Catalog - shelf browse feature, based on title, author, subject, series, by OWWL or a single library

Search Indexes

Certain parts, or fields, in the catalog record are processed so that searches look at particular fields and are more efficient - these processed fields are called search indexes. The search indexes include:
  • Keyword - all fields in the record except for publisher and place published; a keyword search will match the search term almost everywhere in the record, even parts that do not display in the catalog view.
  • Title - title information can be recorded in several fields; the title index combines them all for searching, and the search will only look for a match in those fields.
  • Journal Title - searches title fields, but also adds the format filter specifically for serials (magazines, journals); the search will only look for a match in those fields.
  • Author - author information is also recorded in several; the author index combines them all for searching, and the search will only look for a match in those fields.
  • Subject - there are several types of subject headings, including topic, name, geographic, etc.; subject headings are pre-defined terms, and have historically been applied to non-fiction works. Subject searching can exclude relevant results because the search term may not match a subject term, or a work may not have complete subject headings.
  • Series - series information requires specific fields in specific combinations which are not always present in the catalog record; series searching can be highly inaccurate.
  • Digital Bookplate
  1. Enter a search term
  2. Select a search index
  3. Select a format (optional)
  4. Select a library (use OWWL to see all holdings)
  5. Click Search

TIP A basic keyword search, limited by a format, is usually sufficient for the majority of catalog searches!

Advanced search allows combining multiple elements in one search for very targeted results. However, being too precise can eliminate relevant results due to cataloging errors, staff typing errors

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