Monthly Circ Stats Report

Evergreen v.2.2


The Monthly Circ Stats report provides monthly circulation data to be used for reporting monthly statistics to library boards. The report lists data for all PLS libraries, allowing libraries to compare amongst themselves.

NOTE: ILLs Sent and "In House Use" is included in the report, but the numbers are not included in the Total Circ number because this is not a metric used by NYS for the Annual Report.

Report Data

  • Name - Library
  • Checkouts - items checked out from library workstations
  • OPAC Renewals - renewals performed by patrons using the online catalog
  • Desk Renewals - renewals performed by library staff using the staff client
  • Non Cat Circ - Non-Cataloged Items checked out (these are different than Pre-Cataloged items)
  • ILLs Received - initial checkouts and renewals of items received from other libraries to fulfill hold requests
  • Total Circ - total of Checkouts, OPAC and Desk Renewals, Non Cat Circ, and ILLs received
  • ILLs Sent - items sent out to fulfill hold requests
  • In House Use - number of items used in the library (tracked using the Record RecordInHouseUse function)

Schedule and Access

The report is generated monthly. A PDF file is distributed to library directors via email to the d-all director's email list.

The files are also available from the Staff Client:
  1. Click on Browse Reports
  2. Click Browse Scheduled Report Output
  3. Click All - Generic Reports
  4. Click Custom PLS Reports
  5. Click Monthly Circ Stats
Some older files are available in the Backfiles section below in both pdf and spreadsheet formats.

Example Report


Guidelines for Use

Use as a general overview of system-wide circulation and ILL activity.


Month PDF Spreadsheet
October 2010
November 2010
December 2010
January 2011
February 2011
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