Web Client - Set up and configuration

About the web client

The Evergreen web client will be replacing the desktop client with version 3.2 of the Evergreen software. We are currently running version 3.0, so we have some time to ease into using the web client before it is obsolete. However, all new Evergreen development is happening for the web client, and we do not want to get too far behind system updates and new features.

PLS is encouraging all libraries to configure Chrome browsers for the web client on library computers to become familiar with the new look and navigation.

The web client and the desktop client can be accessed from the same computer. Both clients connect to the live Evergreen database.

This document includes links to in-depth information and instructions on configuring Chrome for the web client, loging in and registering workstations, setting up printing, and working with receipt templates.

Chrome Browser

PLS requires all libraries run the Web Client in the Chrome browser.
  1. If not done already, install Chrome on all workstations
  2. Plan to keep Chrome up to date
  3. Set Chrome to allow Evergreen pop-ups
Evergreen client URL: https://evergreen.owwl.org/eg/staff

Staff can access the web client through a bookmark in any Chrome browser, OR set up an Evergreen-specific profile - which will separates Evergreen or service desk-related bookmarks from general web use bookmarks and settings.

Chrome optimization for the web Client

Chrome has a variety of settings that can help libraries manage their Web Client experience, including setting up an Evergreen-specific Chrome profile, establishing the Evergreen login page as the start page, setting Evergreen Home as the browser home, etc. It is recommended that these steps be taken before registering workstations.

Evergreen Configuration Chrome Settings

Manage browser data

Some client-specific data is stored in the web browser and should NOT be cleared. These settings include:
  • workstations
  • templates
  • offline transactions
They are stored using web technologies called Local Storage and IndexedDB. They can both be cleared when clearing browser history and data.

Clear Cache

Periodically, stored data can cause problems with Evergreen displays, most notably lists. Clear the browser history regularly to mitigate this problem.
  1. Open the Chrome settings menu
  2. Click More Tools> "Clear browsing data..."
  3. Select "Browsing history" and "Cached images and files"
    • Do NOT select "Cookies and other site data"
  4. Set Time range to "All Time"
  5. Click Clear Data

Login / Register a workstation

Evergreen Login

General Printing

Evergreen Configuration Printing

Printer Settings

Evergreen Configuration Printer Settings

For use with the Hatch printing extension.

Evergreen Configuration Print Templates
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