Director Briefing - July 24, 2023

Plan of Service Updates

Following the System's name change, we need to make a few changes to our Plan of Service filed with the Division of Library Development. Much like the original approval process, we'll have the System Board as well as OWWLDAC approve the updates.

The main amendments include:
  • Updated mission.
  • Changed "Pioneer Library System" to "OWWL Library System" throughout the document.
  • Updated several bullet points for clarity.
  • Removed reference to the Adult Literacy and Family Literacy funds (as amended by DLD).
  • Updated Outreach Populations and programs.
  • Included items mentioning Trustee Education.
Here is a draft of the changes. Let me know if you have any comments.

DRAFT FOR COMMENTS Updates to Plan of Service 2022-2026.pdf

Donation Policy and Capital Campaign

A member library recently asked a question about how a Public Library can carry out a capital campaign. We brought this up with our legal team and came up with the following…

Attached please find a sample donation policy that explicitly includes a section on capital campaigns for clarity. This policy is interrelated with the investment policy though, so I'd inform the member in question that if they want to undergo this capital campaign, they need to pass the donation policy and an investment policy at the same time. We reviewed OWWL's investment policy and it looks great - very thorough - it would work perfectly as a model for any member.

The Great Give Back Registration

The OWWL Library System will once again coordinate a system-wide project for The Great Give Back in October.

Information about this year's project and the registration form can be found on OWWL Docs. The deadline to register is Friday, September 8.

Note: Participation in the system-wide project is voluntary, and libraries that already have a dedicated service project for The Great Give Back should feel comfortable continuing with their plans.

Patron Privacy and Access Policies Workshop

On August 7, 2023 at 5:00 PM, I will discuss Patron Privacy and the Systems Access Policy for Trustees and Directors. This workshop goes along with the request to have all libraries agree to the Systems Access Policy through a board motion, resolution, or other local practice. This will be an opportunity for Trustees to ask questions about the policy and any other questions related to the System's efforts to protect patron privacy and avoid cyber security threats.

Click here to register .
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