Text Message Notifications


Text notifications, variously referred to as text or SMS (short message service) messages, are available for Available Hold notifications and 3-Day Pre-due courtesy notices.

Adding a text number to the patron's account

Required text number format and carrier

Sample text message - available hold

From: Wood Library Association - Canandaigua
Subject: 1 hold(s) ready
Robert:Civil War battlefields @ Wood Library Association - Canandaigua
Please pickup within 7 days

Sample text message - pre-due notice

Handle Bounce Messages

If there is a problem with the text number - typically it is not formatted correctly, a bounce back message will appear in the library email account. You need to identify the patron, remove the bad text number, contact them for the hold available and to get a correct text number.

Identify the patron and retrieve the patron account

  1. Start from the bounced message sent to the library's email
  2. At the end of the bounced message subject line, the patron's database ID appears in parentheses
     Subject: 1 hold(s) ready (123456) 
    • you will use this number to search for the patron in the staff client
  3. In the Staff Client, open a new tab
  4. Go to the Search menu at the top of the screen
    SMS BounceBack RetrievePatronDatabaseId.png
  5. Select Retrieve Patron via Database ID
  6. Enter the number from the subject line, click OK
  7. The patron account opens

Example Bounce Messages

From: "post master" <post_master@vtext.com>
To: woodlibrary@owwl.org
Sent: Friday, December 28, 2012 10:22:18 AM
Subject: Re:1 hold(s) ready (123456)

Error: Invalid user address

Error message below:
550 - Requested action not taken: no such user here

Message details:
  Subject: 1 hold(s) ready (123456)
  Sent date: Fri Dec 28 15:22:18 GMT 2012
  MAIL FROM: woodlibrary@owwl.org
  RCPT TO: 585-123-1234@vtext.com
  From: Wood Library Association - Canandaigua <woodlibrary@owwl.org>
  To: 585-123-1234@vtext.com
  Size (in bytes): 97

ALERT! Sometimes you need to look at the raw message to see the original subject line

In Zimbra:
  1. Right Click on the bounce message in the inbox list
  2. Select "Show Original"
  3. Somewhere near the bottom you should see the original subject line.

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