Patron Email Address with Spaces Report

Evergreen v.2.2


The Patron Email Address with Spaces report lists patron records where the patron's email address includes a blank space. The blanks will prevent the email from being received, causing bounceback messages to the library's circulation email address.

Report Data

  • Barcode
  • First Name
  • Middle
  • Last Name
  • Suffix
  • Email
  • Alias
  • Day Phone
  • Evening Phone

Schedule and Access

This report is available on demand from Reports Browse Reports > Reports Ad Hoc Reports.

Guidelines for Use

  1. Copy the patron barcode to retrieve the patron account
  2. Click Edit and scroll to the email field
  3. Remove the blank space in the email
  4. Click Save

Manipulating the report

You can manipulate the report to view the data by different criteria. See Reports Excel Tips for more detail
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