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Old Holds Report

Evergreen v.2.2


This report lists all holds, for pickup at your library, that have not been filled for more than 3 months. This report is cumulative.

Report Data

  • Hold ID - database identification number for the hold record
  • Request Time - date the hold was placed
  • PatronBarcode
  • Patron Name
  • Penalty Blocking Hold - lists patron circulation blocks (fines or overdues)
  • Target Record - databse identification number for the bibliographic record
  • Title
  • HoldType -Title, Volume, Copy, or Metarecord

Schedule and Access

The Old Hold Report is run the first day of the month; it is available via the Staff Client Reports Browse Reports:

  1. From a new tab, click Reports Browse Reports
  2. Click Browse Scheduled Report Output
  3. Select your library
  4. Click Custom PLS Reports
  5. Click Old Holds

Example Report

OldHolds Example.png

Guidelines for Use

Use this report to follow up with patrons, retarget holds, and clean up CopyRecords.

Blocked Patrons

At your discretion, contact blocked patrons to alert them that fines or overdues are preventing holds from arriving. Once the block is cleared, the hold can be filled.

Other unfilled holds

ALERT! Retrieve holds from the patron account!

  1. In the Staff Client, open CheckOutItems and enter the patron barcode
  2. Verify there is nothing else wrong with the patron record, such as an expired, invalid, etc. account
  3. Click Holds
  4. In the Holds list, verify that the patron has not suspended the hold
    • The Status column will indicate Suspended
    • Using the ColumnPicker, select the Activation Date column to see when the hold will activate (date) or if the hold has been suspended indefinitely (No Date)
  5. Verify that the record itself is holdable
    1. Right click on the unfilled hold and select ShowInCatalog
    2. Exapnd the copies list and check for
      • all copies checked out/in-transit/on holds shelf
      • copies are missing, damaged, lost, in-process, on-order, etc.
      • available copies in non-holdable copy location - some locations, such as Reference, Local History, etc., are non-holdable
      • available copies have Holds Age Based Hold Protection applied and the pickup library does not match the owning libraries
      • the title record has been deleted - indicated by a red alert message: "Record summary (Deleted) (Inactive)"
  6. If there are available copies, return to the holds list and retarget the hold; the hold status should immediately go to "waiting for capture", if this does not happen, then there is some further problem with the copy record(s) - contact PLS for assistance
  7. If the record or only copies are missing/lost/damaged, etc. follow up with the patron regarding different materials and cancel the hold

Inexplicable unfilled holds

Sometimes hold records become "stuck" for no discernable reason, even though holdable copies are available. In these situations, retarget the hold, or place a new hold on the same title. Typically, the hold becomes "waiting for capture" immediately. If neither option works, contact PLS for assistance.

Manipulating the report

You can manipulate the report to view the data by different criteria. See Reports Excel Tips for more detail
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