Local Activity Report


The Local Activity Report provides data for common circulation desk activities as a means to track general desk business trends - some of this data will change over time (depending on when the report is generated), these numbers will not match the Reports Monthly Circ Stats or Reports Yearly Circ Stats and is not intended to replace either of those reports.

The same Local Activity data is available in an at-a-glance, daily format using the Reports Evergreen Activity Dashboard interface.

Select Filters

LocalActivityReport Filters.png

Group by

The date range you select will impact (or be impacted by) how you want the data displayed. The options are:

  • Hour - displays each hour's total for each day within the selected range; best used when the selected range is a single day
  • Day - displays each day's total for the selected range, only displays data for OPEN days (or days during which some circulation activity took place)
  • Week - displays each week's total for the selected range, weeks run Monday-Sunday
  • Month - display each month's total for the selected dte range
  • Year - displays annual totals for comparison

Example Report

LocalActivityReport Example.png
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