Evergreen Activity Dashboard


The Evergreen Activity Dahsboard provides on-demand, up to the minute, data for common circulation desk activities as a means to track general desk business trends. The data kept is cumulative for a single day, and refreshes daily. To generate a report for desk activities during a specific time, use the Reports Local Activity.

Data points

  • Patron Registrations
  • Patron Updates (Note: this data is NOT cumulative, and only tracks the most recent update)
  • Checkouts
  • Checkins
  • Desk Renewals
  • Staff Mediated Holds
  • Holds Put In Transit
  • Other Items Put In Transit
  • Holds Received From Transit
  • Other Items Received From Transit
  • In House Use
  • Non Cataloged Circulation
  • Copies Added

Example Dashboard

ActivityDashboard Example.png
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