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When new patron records are created, the password is based on the last four digits of the patron's phone number. Patrons can change their passwords at any time, although they must be logged in the their OPAC: My Account. Staff cannot see patron passwords - if a patron has forgotten her password, she must contact her library to have it reset.

Change Password

  1. Go to the Online Catalog and Click Your Account Login
  2. Login using the current password
  3. Click Account Preferences
  4. In the Personal Information area, find the Password line
  5. Click Change
    Opac MyAccount PasswordChange.png
  6. Enter current password
  7. Enter new password
  8. Re-enter new password
    Opac MyAccount PasswordChange NewPassword.png
  9. Click Submit
  10. The screen refreshes to the Personal Information screen, the password has been changed

Forgot Your Password?

If a patron has forgotten her password, she can request that it is reset from the online catalog, or by visiting the library. To request a password reset via the online catalog, the patron must have a valid email address on file.

  1. Go to Online Catalog and Click Your Account Login
  2. Next to the Login button, click Forgot your password?
    OPAC MyAccount ForgotYourPassword.png
  3. In the Request a password reset form, enter your library card (barcode) number OR OPAC: My Account - Username
    OPAC MyAccount ForgotYourPassword RequestReset.png
  4. The request has been submitted
    OPAC MyAccount ForgotYourPassword RequestReset Confirmation.png
    • It may take up to 15 minutes for the reset email to be received

Confirmation email

The email will be from "egils@pls-net.org" with the subject line "PLS Headquarters: library account password reset request". Patrons should check their email spam filters to make sure the message was not tagged as spam.

Example email message:
OPAC MyAccount ForgotYourPassword ResetEmail.png
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