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Holds: Hopeless Holds


The Hopeless Holds interface lists holds that Evergreen has determined are unfulfillable. These may be holds on titles where the last available item has been marked Missing, Lost, or was deleted from the catalog. It can be thought of as a live report. Like the Pull List for Hold Requests, it runs constantly.

It may be helpful to read more about the holds fulfillment process to understand when a hold may be considered unfulfillable.

Using the Hopeless Holds Interface

holds hopeless holds.png
Hopeless Holds Interface

To access the Hopeless Hold interface, visit Administration → Local Administration → Hopeless Holds.

The interface should default to your working location. The interface also defaults to showing holds considered hopeless over the past ten years.

A hold will appear on the Hopeless Holds list when the hold targeter runs and determines that there are no potential copies available to fill the hold. The first date the hold targeter finds the request unfulfillable is entered in the Hopeless Date field and remains there until unset. Choosing the action “Find Another Target” will reset the Hopeless Date field in addition to its usual function of triggering the hold targeter.

You may select a variety of different actions available from the Actions menu after highlighting one or more holds. Please note that most available options will open new browser tabs.

Most of the available actions are the same as what you would find on any other interface that focuses on holds. Additional options include:
  • Add Holdings: Opens the Holdings Editor for the title to create a new item.
  • Show in Catalog: Opens the bibliographic record for the title in the staff catalog.

As with most interfaces in Evergreen, you may select additional columns.
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