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Circulation Matrix


The Circulation Matrix combines all circulation rules for all OWWL Libraries and controls how items circulate, to which users, for how long, with how many renewals, and what fines they will generate. When an item is checked out or renewed, Evergreen scripts scan the Circulation Matrix to find the rule that best matches the item and patron being scanned.

The parts of the Circulation Matrix are:

There are default rules that apply to all OWWL libraries and custom rules that are set for individual libraries. If your library does not have a custom rule for a special type of material, such as Seasonal, those items will circulate according to the OWWL rules.

Circulation Matrix Processing

Evergreen is configured to prioritize the Checkout Library's circulation policies, regardless of an item's owning library. However, some item records may be coded in such a way that they trigger circulation rules that are unused at the checkout library but present in its circulation rules, not match any circulation rules, or match on a conflicting circulation rule.

If the item being circulated does not have a circulation modifier, it will circulate using a top level default rule of 3 weeks with 2 renewals.

OWWL Circulation Matrix rules

OWWL circ rules are defined according to the recommended Standard Loan Rules. In general, these cover all Circulation Modifiers.

View the entire Circulation Matrix

To view OWWL circ rules, your library's circ rule, or all circ rules, the full Circ Matrix is available from the Report Borwser > Ad Hoc Reports. See also: Circ Matrix Report.
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