Standard Loan Rules

OWWL Standard Loan Periods

Library Patron Profile Circ Modifier Duration Recurring Fine Max Fine
OWWL Users Computer 1H_1H_1H_2 0_00_0_00_0_00 0_00
OWWL Users Default 3W_3W_3W_2 0_10_0_10_0_10 5_00
OWWL Users Equipment 1D_1D_1D_0 1_00_1_00_1_00 10_00
OWWL Users eReader 2W_2W_2W_0 3_00_3_00_3_00 15_00
OWWL Users Inbound ILL 2W_2W_2W_0 1_00_1_00_1_00 10_00
OWWL Users Magazine 3W_3W_3W_2 0_10_0_10_0_10 5_00
OWWL Users New Item 3W_3W_3W_2 0_10_0_10_0_10 5_00
OWWL Users New Magazine 1W_1W_1W_0 0_10_0_10_0_10 5_00
OWWL Users New Video 2D_2D_1W_0 1_00_1_00_1_00 5_00
OWWL Users PLS Book Discussion Kit 6W_6W_6W_0 1_00_1_00_1_00 20_00
OWWL Users PLS Kit 2W_2W_6W_0 1_00_1_00_1_00 20_00
OWWL Users Reference 1D_1D_1D_0 1_00_1_00_1_00 20_00
OWWL Users Seasonal 1W_2W_3W_0 0_10_0_10_0_10 5_00
OWWL Users Video 1W_1W_3W_1 1_00_1_00_1_00 5_00
OWWL Users Videogame 3D_1W_2W 0_20_1_00_2_00 5_00
OWWL Users Video Set 1W_3W_3W_1 1_00_1_00_1_00 5_00
OWWL Users   3W_3W_3W_2 0_10_0_10_0_10 5_00
  • The Duration format 3W_3W_3W_2 indicates the short loan_normal loan_long loan_renewal limit values
  • The Recurring Fine format 0_10_0_10_0_10 indicates the low_normal_high daily fine values for each circulation modifier
  • Each rule here has a companion Fine Free Patron rule with the same loan duration but no fines

Historical Standard Loan Period Recommendations

On September 23, 2014 OWWLAC adopted a Standard Loan Recommendation for Video Sets, to circulation for 3 weeks with 1 renewal.

On November 8th, 2006 OWWLAC adopted the following Standard Loan Period Recommendations.

Item Type Standard Loan Period Renewal Limit Checkout Limit
Books 3 Weeks 2 none
Audiobooks (cassettes & CDs) 3 Weeks 2 none
Software 3 Weeks 2 none
Music (cassettes & CDs) 3 Weeks 2 none
Videos (adult, juvenile, non-fiction) 1 Week 1 none
Video Games 1 Week 1 none
Magazines (past issues) 3 Weeks 2 none
Video Set 3 Weeks 2 none
On April 25, 2007, OWWLAC added a standard loan period recommendation for the item type VIDEOGAME and decided that no checkout limit was necessary.
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