Circ by Patron Stat Cat Report

Evergreen v.2.2


The Circ By Patron Stat Cat report provides monthly checkouts broken out by patron types, residencies, and school codes. These numbers do NOT include renewals.

Report Data

  • Circs by Patron Type
    • Stat Cat
    • Circs
  • Circs by Residency
    • Stat Cat
    • Circs
  • Circs by School Code
    • Stat Cat
    • Circs

Schedule and Access

Circ By Patron Stat Cat reports are run monthly, in the first week of the month.

Completed Circ By Patron Stat Cat reports are available via the StaffClient:
  1. From a new tab, click Reports Browse Reports
  2. Click Browse Scheduled Report Output
  3. Select your library
  4. Click Custom PLS Reports
  5. Select Circ by Patron Stat Cat

Example Report


Guidelines for Use

Use this report to monitor circulation trends by patron demographics to see what portions of your patron base are most active, or for tracking usage by geographical area.

Manipulating the report

You can manipulate the report to view the data by different criteria. See Reports Excel Tips for more detail
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