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Web Client - Cash Report


The Cash Reports feature allows libraries to view and print a basic report listing total money taken in by a library for the payment of user bills.

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ALERT! PASSTHRU payments are recorded on the Cash Report as "Work" payments ALERT!

Run a Cash Report

  1. On the Home page, click Cash report
  2. Set the date range you need
  3. Click Submit

ALERT! If no payments were processed for Desk Payments, User Payments, or both, the section header(s) will display but the rest of the area will be blank


  • Start/End Date – specify a single day or date range to view total payments accepted
    • If a date range is selected, for example one week, the payments are displayed as cumulative totals per workstation and are NOT separated by date
  • View Reports for – the current WorkstationLibrary is selected by default
  • Desk Payments – transactions by workstation for cash, check, and credit card payment types
  • User Payments – transactions by login for credit (overpayment or refund), forgive, work, and goods payment types
  • Sortable columns – click a column header to change the sort order

Detailed Cash Reports

The staff client cash report only provides total amounts received by workstation and payment type. If you need more detailed information, including payments on specific bill transactions with patron information, there are two custom PLS reports available in the PLS reporting tool.

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