Age Protected Items With No Local Demand


This report is intended to allow libraries to analyze recently added copy records (less than 2 months old) which have Holds Age Based Hold Protection enabled to see if the local demand is low enough to warrant removing Holds Age Based Hold Protection before its expiration date

Report Data

  • Shelving Location
  • Call Number
  • Title
  • Item Barcode
  • Creation Date - When item record was created
  • Last Circ Date - The date of the last check-in
  • Age Protect Expire Date - When Holds Age Based Hold Protection will automatically expire (2 months after the "Creation Date")
  • Circ Count - How many times this item has been checked out
  • System Demand - A count fo local holds on the title (bib) for this record

Schedule and Access

The report is available on-demand via the Reports Browse Reports function. It is located in the Ad Hoc Reports area. If no holds match the report criteria, no data will display.

Example Report

NoLocalDemandWIL Ad-Hoc.png

Guidelines for Use

  1. Check the report on a regular basis
  2. Look at the items where there is System Demand and see if there is enough intrest from your local intrest from your patrons to justify keeping it locally on your chelf
  3. Check for extenuating circumstances (Ie: perhaps it got checked in, but landed on the floor behind the book cart and sat there for a week)
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