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The Pending Patrons list collects submissions from the self-registration form. When patrons fill out the self-registration form to request a library card, they select their home library from a drop-down list of all OWWL member libraries.

A potential patron's form submission is routed to whichever home library they selected when filling out their form, and they are added to that library's list of "pending patrons." The library will then complete the registration (see below for workflow) and mail the card to the patron.

Patrons who register for a card this way (and who are assigned the "Online Patron" type) will only be able to access eResources (like Owwl2Go) and will expire after six months. Their profile type will restrict them from being able to check out physical materials until they have verified their identity, address, or whatever else is locally required. Please note that the self-registration does not provide instant access to digital resources. This is just a way to sign up for a library card remotely. The card will still need to be mailed to the patron.

For further details on policy, please see the Online Library Card Registration Policy.


The Pending Patrons list is found in Circulation > Pending Patrons.

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Libraries should incorporate checking this pending patrons list regularly into part of their regular workflow. PLS recommends checking the list at least daily.

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When a library has a new pending patron on their list, they should perform two checks:
  • Does the pending patron already have a library card? You should search the patron database to check first. See Search for Patrons for more information.
    • If the pending patron does not have a card, proceed to the next step.
    • If the pending atron already has a card, the pending patron submission should be deleted. You may want to contact the patron and may need to follow another procedure (like replacing a missing card if their card is missing, updating their card's expiration date if their card has expired, etc.)
  • Does the pending patron have a valid address that is in the PLS service area (Ontario, Wayne, Wyoming, or Livingston County)?
    • If the pending patron has an address in the PLS service area, proceed to the next step.
    • If the pending patron does not have an address in the PLS service area, you should delete the pending patron (and, again, if appropriate, contact the patron). Please note that OOS patrons may still register for cards in person. Issuing cards to out-of-system residents is at the discretion of individual libraries.
If the patron is eligible to receive a card, you may select the box at the beginning of the row for the patron to highlight the row and press the "Load Patron" button. This will open the familiar "Register Patron" screen.

You will then proceed to register the patron, but note that a lot of the information has already been filled in for you! You will need to make sure to complete the following as part of the registration process:
  • Click in the patron's phone number (you have to do this in order for the PIN / password to be set to the last four digits of the patron's phone number!)
  • Select the "Online Patron" for the Main (Profile) Permission Group
  • Assign a library barcode number
  • Assign stat cats (as appropriate)
  • Verify that all of the submitted information is clear of typos
  • Verify that the patron's PIN / password matches the last four digits of their phone number
  • Save!
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After you have registered a pending patron, you will mail the library card (with an insert explaining the card's restrictions) to the patron or contact the patron to inform them to pick up the card, depending on local policy.

Permanent Online Patron

The "Permanent Online Patron" profile can be used by libraries who would like to extend Online Patrons' account expiration dates to every two years (rather than every six months). Other than the default expiration date interval, this profile is identical to the Online Patron profile.

This account can be used to provide extended / continued access to electronic resources for patrons who do not visit the library to confirm their address / identity. Address/identity verification is not required and is a local library decision.
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