Membership Status for Out of System patrons


The patron Statistical Category “Membership Status” is used by Geneva Public Library and Stevens Memorial Community Library (Attica) where out-of-system residents are required to pay for library services provided at those libraries.

This Patrons Statistical Categories is only visible to Geneva and Attica. If your library is interested in pursuing annual membership fees for out-of-system patrons, please email for further assistance.

If you are looking for general information about out-of-system patrons, see: Patrons Out Of System

General principles for this category

  • Membership Status must be manually applied, updated, and enforced by the libraries
  • The selections for this category are Paid and Unpaid
  • Membership Status does not change the patron’s Profile Group
  • Membership Status should be used in conjunction with the PatronPermissionGroup "Out of System Patron" and out-of-system Residency Codes (use specific codes when possible)---++ User Settings

Within Patron Edit, set the following values for editing an existing patron or registering a new patron:
  1. Profile Group = Out of System Patron
  2. Membership Status = Paid or Unpaid
  3. Residency = relevant OOS code 1 School district = relevant OOS code

ALERT! Do NOT make changes to the patron record which will hamper circulation transactions conducted at other libraries, such as barring the record if membership is unpaid or creating alert messages.

Verifying Membership Status at Checkout

ALERT! For Geneva and Attica libraries only

  1. Scan the patron card in RetrievePatronByBarcode
  2. In the patron summary, verify the patron profile: Out of System Patron
  3. BEFORE scanning any items, verify the patron's Membership Status
    1. Scroll to the Statistical Categories and verify the Membership Status value: Paid or Unpaid
  4. If Membership Status = Paid, click Circulation: Check Out and procede with check out
  5. If Membership Status = Unpaid, create a bill for the Membership Fee
    1. Click Bills button
    2. Click BillPatron
    3. Select BillingType = Out of System Library Card Fee
    4. The default amount supplied is $25.00; adjust if needed
    5. Add Note if needed
    6. Click Submit this Bill
    7. The PatronAccount will refresh to display the "Patron exceeds fine threshold" alert
    8. Click Bills button
    9. Follow PayBill steps
  6. Update the patron's Membership Status
    1. click Edit button
    2. Scroll to Statistical Categories
    3. Select Membership Status value = Paid
    4. Save the record
    5. Procede to Circulation: Check Out

Notes for non-Membership Status using libraries

  • The Membership Status option is only visible to libraries that have opted to manage out-of-system access fees through Evergreen
  • If you do NOT charge out-of-system residents for library services, or you manage them out-of-system access fees manually, you do not the Membership Status
  • Membership Status Paid or Unpaid has no bearing on circulation at libraries who allow out-of-system residents full, free access to library services
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