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Out-of-System Patrons


Out-of-system (OOS) patrons are those people who live in areas outside of the four county Pioneer Library System service area, yet who are registered PLS borrowers.

Geneva Public Library, Arcade Free Library, and Stevens Memorial Community Library (Attica) charge out-of-system patrons an annual fee for acces to services provided at their libraries. They have special procedures they must follow to ensure the out-of-system patrons' Patrons Membership Status Out Of System standing. Any other libraries intending to implement charges for out-of-system borrowers should contact the PLS office for Evergreen configuration.

Practices for indicating and handling out-of-system patron records are outlined below.

Out-of-system library cards

Out-of-system patrons are given the same card as in-system patrons. Out-of-system patrons can be determined by the patron profile and statistical categories. Out-of-system patrons do not have special circulation settings.

%NOTE% The old purple and yellow out-of-system cards have been deprecated. Once local supplies are gone, PLS will not order more.

Out of System Patron Profile

All out-of-system patrons should be assigned to the "Out of System Patron" PatronPermissionGroup. This is used for identifying and tracking out-of-system records with the residency and school codes.

The Profile displays in the PatronAccount Summary area. Arcade and Attica staff will use this to verify the patron's Patrons Membership Status Out Of System standing.

Residency codes

The residency and school district codes statistical categories include areas that are outside of, but border the four PLS counties and/or share school districts with PLS communities. For these areas and school districts, select the appropriate codes. For all patrons who live in non-contiguous areas, use the "OOS" code from the Residency and School District lists. These codes allow PLS to create statistical reports on out-of-system usage.
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