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The Pull List for Hold Requests lists all items from your collection that have been targeted to fill a hold. The list is current every time it is retrieved; if you need to print the list, you should process it shortly after printing.
WebClient PullListHoldRequests.jpg

Prints the entire pull list. The print format is controlled by the Hold Pull List print template. Out of the box, this template prints in random order. Special code must be added into order to sort the printed Hold Pull List by copy location and call number.

This option will print the Pull List as it appears in the Pull List display

WebClient PullList PrintFullGrid Sample.jpg

Order List Records

Use Configure Columns to set and save column order, columns to display, and a single column to sort.

WebClient PullList ColumnConfiguration.jpg

Detail View

WebClient PullList DetailView.jpg

Hold Notes

Create Hold Notes
WebClient PullList HoldNote Create.jpg
Example hold note:
WebClient PullList HoldNote1.jpg

Note: Notes do not automatically display when column selected? Requires clicking the columns header? Possible bug.

Collapse Record Summary

Staff Notifications

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