Excel Tips for Data Lists


The entire contents of a list in CheckInItems, ItemStatus, BrowseHoldsShelf, etc, can be copied and pasted into other applications for data manipulation.

The list data is copied in comma delimited, quote qualified text. It will usually require some formatting modifications to be useable in Excel or other spreadsheet software.

Paste to Excel

Clicking CopyListCsvToClipboard automatically copies the data to your PC's clipboard memory. You do NOT need to right click or take any other actions.
  1. From a list of items (such as ItemStatus, CheckInItems, BrowseHoldsShelf, or CopyBucket) click ListActions
  2. From the option list, select Copy List CSV to Clipboard
  3. A pop up window opens, displaying a block of text - this is the list data, which has ALREADY been copied
  4. Click OK, the pop-up closes
  5. Open Excel
  6. Click in the A1 cell; right click, select Paste
  7. The copied CSV displays with each line from the list on a seperate row, but all the field values are combined in one cell

Convert text to columns

  1. Click the A column header to select the entire first column
  2. Click Data to view the Data ribbon; in the Data Tools area, click Text to Columns
  3. The Convert Text to Columns Wizard opens; there are three steps:
    1. In the Original data type area select Delimited; click Next
    2. In the Delimiters area, deselect Tab and select Comma; at Text Qualifier, select " [quote mark]; click Next
    3. In the Column data format, select Text; click Finish
  4. The data now displays in columns with no quotes
  5. Save the file as an Excel Workbook and manipulate as needed
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