Special Procedures for Libraries Using the CASSIE PC Reservation System



Note: this is no longer 100% correct. Newer versions of Cassie (3.3+) handle usernames and passwords differently. This needs to be revisited. Bob 7/16/2015

Patrons logging in to public access computers protected by the Cassie PC Reservation System must use capital letters when creating and/or changing their OPAC: My Account - Username and OPAC: My Account - Login Password.

Evergreen treats Usernames and Passwords as case sensitive. This means that Evergreen sees password as being different than PASSWORD.

Additionally, CASSIE sends patrons’ usernames and passwords to Evergreen in UPPERCASE letters.

For example: a patron logs in to the OPAC and creates the username AndyNybody and sets his password to Password1. He then visits a CASSIE library and logs in to use a computer. CASSIE sends his username and password to Evergreen as ANDYNYBODY and PASSWORD1. Evergreen will respond that the username and password are incorrect and CASSIE will tell the patron that they did not enter a valid username and password.

Avoid this problem

  • Patrons use their library card numbers to login to the OPAC, not custom usernames
  • Patrons create custom usernames using all UPPERCASE letters
  • Create passwords with all UPPERCASE letters
  • Create passwords with UPPERCASE letters and numbers
  • Create passwords with all numbers

Verifying computer privileges

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