Monday Briefing - May 9, 2022

Intent to Apply - Construction Aid 2022

The deadline to submit an Intent to Apply for this year's Construction Aid cycle is on June 1, 2022.

To complete the form you will need:
  1. A brief description of the project
  2. An approximate timeline of the project
  3. Contractor quotes(s) with total project costs (emailed)
  4. Proof of Available Funds (emailed)
The Division of Library Development and DASNY has become stricter than in years past, so we must insist that all items be ready by the June 1, 2022 deadline.


Technology Services Librarian at the System

Today is Kelsy Hibbard-Baker first day at the System as our new Technology Services Librarian! She is coming from nine years of experience working and the Geneva Public Library and will be working on tech training, support, and a handful of other tech-related items. We're happy to have her on board.


Thank you to everyone who was able to attend last Friday's PLSDAC Meeting. If you were unable to be there, you can take a look at the agenda here.

The time-pressing items are that the new PLSDAC Executive Committee will be voted in on June 3. If you're interested in volunteering, let Jenny ( know as soon as possible.
  • Chair: Wyoming
  • Vice-Chair: Livingston
  • Secretary: Wayne
  • Liaison: Ontario

Also, AnnaLee Dragon, Executive Director of NYLA will be visiting during the June 6 meeting. We are holding the meeting here at the System, but will also have a hybrid option for attending.

Question of the Week: Cybersecurity Insurance Coverage

Q: Should my library pay for cybersecurity insurance coverage or is that something the System has?

A: This is a timely question considering the persistent concerns around cybersecurity. Yes, libraries should consider some form of cybersecurity coverage. The insurance we carry at the System can only be applied to situations involving headquarters specifically and cannot be extended to individual libraries. If a security breach happens locally, the library would be the liable party. We do our best to mitigate risk with precautions like the Systems Access Policy, but the unfortunate reality is that cybersecurity is a constant and evolving issue that will require steady evaluation to make sure we are as protected as possible.
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