Monday Briefing - January 10, 2022

Employee Handbook Template

During Friday's PLSDAC Meeting we discussed the System contracting with HR Works to create an Employee Handbook template that can be replicated across all 42 libraries that can be used to replace or augment current handbooks. This project includes annual legal updates that libraries would be able to incorporate and approve at the local level.

The initial cost of the project ($6,000) will be covered by the System and we will also pay for the annual legal updates as long as the project is a success.

An overview of the project can be found by visiting .

To gauge interest, I'm asking directors to please complete a questionnaire that has been sent to the d-all list.

New York Paid Family Leave Follow-Up

After PLSDAC last week I sent an email about Paid Leave for Libraries (2022.01.07 Paid Leave Follow-Up Email.pdf). Most information concerned Association Libraries, however, there is a section of the New York Paid Family Leave COVID-19: Frequently Asked Questions that reads,

"If you work for a public employer: All public employers (for example, town, public school, public college or university, district, county, city, village, fire district and state), must provide at least 14 days of paid sick leave, regardless of how many employees they have." Source:

If your library claims exemption from other leave benefits, it would appear that you would be subject to this as a public employer. Kim from Williamson caught this from a News 10 rundown on quarantine pay. Thanks, Kim.

NYLA Membership Interest Survey

If you haven't had a chance to fill out the NYLA Organizational Membership survey, please do so by visiting This is the same form that went out to Directors last week.

Governor Hochul's State of the State

Last week Governor Hochul gave New York's State of the State address where she highlighted many of the State's ambitions including:
  1. Rebuild our healthcare and teacher workforces,
  2. Provide tax relief to those who need it most,
  3. Speed up economic growth and create good paying, middle-class jobs,
  4. Strengthen our infrastructure and confront climate change,
  5. Secure public safety and make housing more affordable,
  6. Ensure every New Yorker has a roof over their heads,
  7. And enact bold reforms for our State government.
You can see a full rundown by visiting the 2022 State of the State page .

Evergreen Updates and Reminders

End of grace period

PLSDAC voted this morning to end the 7-day grace period. This change has been made in Evergreen. This is a return to the pre-pandemic setting.

Please note that this change will only affect circulations that started after the change was made at 12:50pm. All circulations from prior to 12:50pm will still have a 7-day grace period, while all circulations from 12:50pm onwards have no grace period. Checkouts and renewals that don't have a grace period will accrue and post overdue fines immediately if fines are being charged. Fine-free circulations will still continue to be fine-free, of course!

Backdating check ins

Closed for a snow day? The backdating features in Evergreen changed slightly when we updated to 3.6 last spring, and maybe you haven't had to backdate any checkins for a while. See OWWL Docs for more information on the new(ish) look and features.

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