Monday Briefing - April 18, 2022

System Board Meeting Recap

The System Board met on Wednesday, April 13, 2022. Below are a few highlights from the meeting. We're going to miss the May meeting, so the next one will be on June 8, 2022.

Program Director

As mentioned above, Suzanne has been promoted to the position of Program Director! This is a newly created title to cover Outreach, Youth Services, Continuing Education, and Construction Aid. Both the title and position bring together the focus on external System administration that Suzanne has been cultivating for the past six months.

The title of Deputy Director was eliminated at the Board Meeting since the responsibilities have evolved and there is no intention to hire for that title.

Systems Access and Confidentiality of Library Records Policy - Library Confirmation

Last year when PLSDAC approved the Systems Access and Confidentiality of Library Records Policy we discussed having an annual agreement between libraries and the System. The plan was to have a form that went out around the same time as the Annual Report, however, we didn't have that ready in time, so I would like to take care of this now.

When you have a moment if you could review the policy and sign off on the  Member Library Agreement Form.pdf that would be great. You are welcome to email it to me, put it in delivery, or any other way you'd like to send it along. 

As a reminder, this is only between the Library and the System. The System does not have any relationship with your staff.

WP Article: Censorship battles’ new frontier: Your public library

The Washington Post published Censorship battles’ new frontier: Your public library by Annie Gowen yesterday. It is another piece on Book Censoring in America.

Washington Post Censorship Battles New Frontier Your Public.pdf

System Annual Report Summary

The System submitted its 2021 Annual Report to New York State in March. Here is a snapshot of last year's achievements.

State Aid for Library Construction

In the final State Budget, State Aid for Library Construction was flat (no increase, no decrease). This means the System should expect to get about $900,000 to allocate in the FY 2023 aid cycle. As a reminder, the Intent to Apply is due end-of-day Wednesday, June 1.

Suzanne (with Special Guest Ron Kirsop) will be hosting Construction Aid Office Hours on Monday, May 2 at 4:30 pm for Trustees and Directors. A Zoom link will go out that morning to any Directors and Trustees that have questions about any upcoming projects.

Be sure to check the Construction Aid Docs page for any updates and the full timeline.

NYLA Voice: A Note About Appreciating Others

NYLA was kind enough to publish an article I wrote about showing one another a little appreciation. The full article can be found here - A Note About Appreciating Others

Much of the inspiration for the piece comes from working with all of you. In the article I say, "...Next are the Library Directors across the Pioneer Library System. Some would say it is challenging to agree on a direction with 43 opinions (42 library directors plus myself) at a Directors Advisory Committee meeting. That is rarely the case in our System. I have never been part of a friendlier and more cohesive group. There is support when needed, opposing viewpoints are encouraged, and people are comfortable being honest with one another. Together or individually, I am privileged to work with such an eclectic group of professionals."

I cannot express enough how true this is and how much I appreciate working with all of you. I am honored and humbled each and every day for having the opportunity to work together with all of you.

Trustee Book Club: Ethics & Conflicts of Interest + Intellectual Freedom, Censorship and Privacy

Tomorrow at 5:00 PM the Trustee Handbook Book Club will be discussing Ethics & Conflicts of Interest + Intellectual Freedom, Censorship and Privacy. Click here to register.

HBR Tip of the Day: Chip Away at Your Long-Term Career Goals

Most of us would prefer to think long-term about our careers, rather than just veering randomly from opportunity to opportunity. But how can you be strategic if you’re not entirely sure where you ultimately want to end up? Try these four strategies:
  1. Figure out what you don’t want. For instance, you might decide you never want to work for a micromanaging boss again, or you’re done with your current industry, or you no longer want to work hands-on and only want to take on advisory roles. Those are useful pieces of data that can help you form a more realistic picture of what you do want.
  2. Pick a “provisional hypothesis.” It’s hard to think about narrowing your options permanently so pick one direction as a hypothesis for where you want your career to go. This should be an informed choice, and you can always change your mind later, but it’ll help you to work strategically toward a plausible goal.
  3. Make progress on the basics. Double down on foundational, transferable skills and knowledge that will make you better, no matter what direction you ultimately decide to pursue.
  4. Take stock of your emotional and mental energy. Sometimes the best thing you can do for your long-term career success is to take a well-deserved break, whether it’s a more formal sabbatical or simply recognizing that it’s OK to pause on ambitious new goals right now. There’s no need to beat yourself up for a smart choice.
Adapted from How to Make Progress on Your Long-Term Career Goals by Dorie Clark.
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