Director Briefing - October 3, 2022

Website Compliance

Policing compliance issues is not a task I particularly enjoy, so I greatly appreciate all of the libraries that worked to bring their websites into compliance after the message I sent last week. We now have 17 that are all set and a handful that have reached out to tell me the information will be posted soon.

If your library has not reviewed the following items, please do so ASAP:
  1. Standard #1: Written Bylaws (updated within the past five years)
  2. Standard #2: Long Range Plan (current)
  3. Standard #3: Report to the Community (previous or current fiscal year)
  4. Standard #4: Written Policies (all reviewed/approved within the past five years)
  5. Standard #5: Written Budget (current fiscal year)
Because this could jeopardize LSSA funding for all the libraries in the System, I will follow up with the Directors and Boards and remain out of compliance later this week.

Compliance Toolkit

There are quite a few laws and regulations that libraries need to uphold in order to maintain compliance. In order to help keep tabs on these items, I have drafted the OWWL Library System Member Library Compliance Toolkit.

This is not an exhaustive list, but it answers many of the frequently asked questions about compliance. This will continue to be updated and expanded to cover as many areas of compliance as possible.

"Finger Lakes’ Virtual Classrooms Help to Fill a Job Market Need" featuring Stacey Wicksall

Our very own Stacey Wicksall is featured in a video posted to Spectrum News 1! Check out the video and article by visiting

Data Breach Updates

We are currently reviewing our policy manual and insurance coverage with our attorney to develop data breach protocols for future data-related situations. One benefit to member libraries is that we will be considering our cyber security coverage to figure out how much it can be extended to local data breach situations. It is good if you already have coverage, but if not, we will be looking into how the System can benefit libraries with areas related to Systems Access.

System Board Update

Unfortunately, we had to postpone the Annual Meeting and cancel the October System Board Meeting. Instead, we will be meeting on November 9, 2022.

If you're interested in the actions at the September meeting, here is some information:
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