Director Briefing - July 17, 2023

Budget Q&A with Ron and Kelly

Tonight at 5 PM, Kelly and I will discuss library budgets and answer questions from attendees. If you'd like to attend, you may register here.

Freedom of Information Law and Open Meetings Law Virtual Training Recordings

The Freedom of Information Law and Open Meetings Law Virtual Trainings recently presented by the New York State Committee on Open Government and hosted by the NYS Library have been captioned and can now be viewed on the NYSED Vimeo page at the links below.

Lessons Learned from Recent Comptroller Audits

Over the weekend, the New York State Comptroller's office released the following audits. While the audits are from other areas of government, the findings are all things that could be found in library audits. No need to read the full audits (unless you find them as interesting as I do), but make sure your library has the items mentioned in the parenthesis.

Question of the Week: FOIL Policy

Question: Do all libraries need a Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) Policy?

Answer: Yes, all libraries should have a policy outlining their requirements and responses under the Freedom of Information Law. The FOIL website has Model Rules for Agencies and information for Subject Matter Lists.

For association libraries…

Although association libraries do not fall under the provisions of this law, they are wise to consider such a policy since they are generally supported by public funds and are often subject to public scrutiny. Your community expects transparency.

Trustee Handbook, pg. 11.

If helpful, here are the Word documents of the System's FOIL Policy and 2023 Subject Matter List.
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