Temporary Library Closure Procedures


Outlines tasks to be taken by PLS and the library to prepare for a temporary library closure, such as moving to a new facility, when library services are halted in part or in total. The closing library should contact PLSHQ as soon as possible with closure dates.

Temporary closure preparations

Internet cutover

Library must contact Bob Wicksall to submit a work order to Time Warner to schedule switching the library's Internet connection from the original location to the new location. This date impacts several other decsions, regarding processing delivery.

Patron Notifications

Library must notify neighboring libraries that patrons may be arriving to pick up hold materials, and that hold materials with special handling requirements may be arriving.

Library must notify patrons that the library will be closed, and specify that:
  • there will be special circulation periods
  • patrons must select a different pick up library for holds placed during the closed period
  • patrons will be called and asked to select a different library for holds placed previously that arrive during the closed period

Library settings

Changes made to library setting in Evergreen to minimize holds and transits.

Set closed dates

Library must enter the closed dates into Evergreen. This will:
  • extend loan periods for materials checked out prior to the temporary closure to reduce materials being returned to the library
    • ALERT! depending upon the length of closing, libraries should consider how this may extend loans on materials owned by other libraries
    • Use special due dates as appropriate
  • prevent materials from being targeted to fill new holds (any holds that appear on the library's Pull List immediately prior to the closed dates can be ignored - they will move on to other libraries' copies)

Hide LIB materials from the OPAC

PLS will hide the library's materials from the OPAC as appropriate to prevent new holds being placed.

Make LIB materials non-holdable

The library's materials will not be able to fill holds through opportunistic or other capture.

Returns & Delivery

Depending on the Internet cutover date, packing contraints, facility accessibility, etc. libraries can remain in their current location to receive and process delivery OR arrange to have delivery sent to PLSHQ and send a staff person to PLSHQ to process delivered materials.

ALERT! Any changes to delivery locations need to be discussed and confirmed with Cindy so that she may prepare the drivers and adjust the routes accordingly.

Contact PLSHQ as soon as possible regarding this decision so the PLSHQ can:
  • Arrange a temporary workstation
  • Alert delivery drivers
Drivers will know that LIB materials will be delivered to PLSHQ for processing during the closed period. Other libraries will label materials as usual for the library.

Process LIB delivery at PLSHQ

The library sends a designated staff person daily to PLSHQ where:
  • a special workstation will be set up at PLSHQ
    • Workstation configured for [closed library?] [PLSHQ?]
  • designated staff will process incoming delivery for items being returned and holds to make available
  • for incoming hold items LIB staff will
    • call patrons to designate a new pickup library and advise patron that there will be some delay before the item arrives at the new pick up location
    • Change the pickup library and re-route the item
      • After changing the pickup library, there is no need for special hold slips or special handling instructions at the new pickup library
  • for reshelving items
    • LIB staff check in as usual then pack the materials to be stored until they can be shelved at the new facility


Library must decide how to handle the Bookdrop. If no processing will happen on-site, close the Bookdrop.

Hold Slips

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