Staff Client Keyboard Shortcuts


Opening new functions, moving among tabs, and handling common tasks can be made much faster using keyboard shortcuts. You can get reminders of the various shortcuts within the Staff Client menu options.

Keyboard shortcuts in the web client

Function key shortcuts generally work in the web client, see chart below. Occasionally the chortcuts will stop working, seemingly when switching bewteen working in the web client and other open applications such as Word. In those situations, using a link to open a new Evergreen function will reset the shortcuts.

Common Keyboard Shortcuts

Function Shortcut Web Client
Open link in new tab Ctrl+[click link] web client only
New Tab Ctrl+T Yes
Close Tab Ctrl+W Yes
Undo close tab Ctrl+Shift+Tab web client only
Close All Tabs Ctrl+Shift+W Yes - closes the entire client
Navigate from one tab to another Ctrl+Tab web client only
Search for Patrons F4 Yes
Search the Catalog F3 Yes
Item Status F5 Opens catalog search
Check Out F1 Yes
Check In F2 Yes
Renew Items Ctrl+F2 Yes
Register Patron Ctrl+F1 No
Retrieve Last Patron F8 Yes
Place Hold F3 Yes
Reprint Last F9 No
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