3 Year Inactive Patron Report



As per OWWLAC recommendations, patron accounts that have been Expired for more than 3 years will be marked "Inactive" automatically by the system.

The 3 Year Inactive Report lists all records where the interval between the patron's account expire date and the last patron update is greater than 3 years. It is generated using the same data used to mark the expired patrons as inactive. Accounts are updated on a daily basis.

This report should be used to review registration paperwork files and remove old forms also as per OWWLAC recommendation.

Access the Report

The 3 Year Inactive Patron Report is avaialble on demand in the Reports Ad Hoc Reports list.

Report Data

  • Deleted - typically "f", inactive patron records are not deleted, but marked "Inactive"
  • User ID - database ID number
  • Email
  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Suffix
  • Day Phone
  • Evening Phone
  • Expire Date
  • Account Last Updated - this typically lists the date the account marked inactive, but could also indicate some action taken on the account by a staff member, such as notes, billings, etc. It does not indicate circulations.
  • Alert Message - text of any alerts; accounts marked inactive as a result of 3 years post-expiration will have a specific alert

Guidelines for Use

Use to check against paperwork files to remove old forms.
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