Invalid Address


When overdue mailers and other mailed notices are returned to the library as undeliverable due to a bad address/addressee unknown, library staff should indicate that the patron address is invalid. This will:
  • Omit those patrons from future print notice reports
  • Insert an (Invalid Address) indicator in the patron summary
  • Highlight the patron address in red in the patron summary

InvalidAddress Summary.jpg

At the patron's next library visit, staff should update the address.


  1. Open the PatronAccount
  2. Click Edit
  3. Scroll down to the Address section
  4. Un-check Valid
    InvalidAddress Uncheck.jpg
  5. Click Save
    • If you get an "standing penalty unknown" alert, click OK
  6. Click Refresh to view the (invalid address) note

ALERT! Do not attempt to delete the bad address - the system will not save the record with no address attached.

When the patron comes in and verifies the correct address, update the old address or add a new address - make sure the correct address is marked Valid.

Update with the correct address

Add the correct address as a new address, then delete the invalid address.

Address History

To keep an address history create a note and enter the old, invalid address in the note text.
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