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Patron Notes



Notes can be used to keep track of information about patron accounts or, when the note is patron visible, communicate some information to the patron.

ALERT! When the issue prompting the note has been resolved, delete the old note!

PatronAccount Notes.jpg

Add Patron Note

  1. Retrieve a patron record, click Other
  2. Select Notes
  3. Click Add New Note
  4. Select if notes will be visible for staff only, or visible to the patron when logged into My Account in the OPAC
  5. Add note Title and content
  6. Enter initials
    • Date and LIB code will be automatically added
  7. Click Add Note

PatronAccount Notes AddNew.jpg

ALERT! Existing notes cannot be edited. If there a correction needs to be made, the note must be deleted and a corrected note added.

ALERT! New notes are added to the end of a list of notes.

Staff Visible

By default, all notes are Staff Visible only - this means they can only be viewed from within the Staff Client.

Patron Visible

Staff can select that a specific note is Patron Visible, which means that it will appear in the patron's OPAC Account.

PatronAccount Notes PatronVisible OpacView.jpg

Delete Patron Note

Notes can be deleted one at a time only. Click the "Delete this note" button below the note to remove.

Notes can be printed one at a time only. Click the "Print" button below the note to print.

PatronAccount Notes Print.jpg

(See Notes) Indicator

When notes are present in a patron account, the (See Notes) indicator will appear under the name. Click (See Notes) to view all patron notes.

PatronAccount SeeNotes.jpg
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