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Overdue Notices

Overdue notices

All libraries are required to provide patrons with overdue notices. We have several standard overdue periods at which notices are generated, and several notice format options:

  • 1 week overdue (7 days) - email (sent to all patrons with email addresses), phone list
  • 2 weeks overdue (14 days) - email, phone list, self-print letters; scheduled for a specific day (typically Wednesday or Thursday)
  • 4 weeks overdue (28 days) - Bill Letter - email, phone list, self-print letters

Overdue notices are sent from the checkout library. Bill letters, notifying patrons that materials are considered lost and need to be paid for, are sent from the item owning library.

On Mondays, an Overdue Shelf list Report is available. This is used to double check the shelves for items reshelved without being checked in so that patrons do not receive overdue notices in error.

Overdue notification formats

  • email - email messages are sent out automatically when a specific circulation reaches an overdue point: 7 days (email only), 2 weeks
  • self-print letters - PDF files accessed via the Staff Client > Overdue Notices, the files are delivered on a set weekly schedule (typically Wednesday or Thursday), libraries are responsible for printing and mailing
  • phone lists - provides patron contact information so that libraries can call the patron regarding overdue materials, phone lists are also available for short loan materials like videos or all overdue materials; the spreadsheets reports are accessed via the Staff Client > Browse Scheduled Report Output or emailed link, and are available daily; to set up phone lists, submit an Evergreen help ticket.

Overdue Shelflist Report

This report is generated weekly, several days before a library's overdue notices are run. It is available in the Reports Browser > Scheduled Report Output list.

The report lists materials overdue that were checked out from that library. Libraries should use this list to check their shelves for any items that might have been reshelved without being checked in from the patron account. Any items checked in at this point will not generate overdue notices.

Pre-due courtesy notice

Three days before an item is due we provide an email courtesy notice, warning the patron that an item is due. This notice is only available to patrons who have an email address in their record. Problems receiving these courtesy notices does not excuse a missed due date.

Notice Text

2 week overdue notices

Please return the overdue items listed below. For more information, call [library] at [library phone number] or email [library email address]

Bill letter

This informs the patron that their overdue material assumed lost and they have been billed for replacement:

The item listed below is long overdue and is now assumed lost. Your account has been billed for the cost of replacement and any associated fines. You may still return the item to remove the billed amount from your account. Some library privileges, including borrowing materials, may be suspended until the item is returned or payment for the bill is received. For further information, please contact the [library] at [library phone number].

Custom text

A small amount of custom text can be added to the notices. The standard notice text cannot be edited or rearranged, so custom text must complement the standard notice. Custom text can be placed either after the standard notice text block, or after the list of overdue items. To request custom text, submit an Evergreen help ticket.
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