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Overdue Bill Accrual

Evergreen v.2.2


Overdue fines begin to accrue at 23:59 (11:59PM) the day after an item is due, and continue to accrue everyday at 23:59 until the item is checked in or until the item reaches the MaxFine amount, typically $5.00.

  • Overdue fines are based on the CheckOutLibrary fine rules
  • Overdue fines vary according to the type of material
  • Overdue items do not accrue fines for days the library is closed
  • Each day's fine is billed as an individual, itemized bill
  • When an overdue item is renewed, the Overdue Materials bill for that checkout is finalized; if the renewal becomes overdue, new overdue fines will accrue

Example Overdue Materials bills in the Patron Bills display

The items associated with these bills have been returned, and the Overdue Materials bills are finalized - no more fines will accrue.
OverdueMaterials FinalizedBills.png

If the items were still checked out / overdue, the item title would be highlighted red.

Example Overdue Materials bill in Full Details

Full Details is available from the Actions for Selected Items menu in the Bills list and as an option in Bill History. Full Details will show each daily fine for the selected Overdue Materials bill.
OverdueMaterials FullDetails ItemizedOverdue.png
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