Online Public Access Catalog


Library patrons access library materials using the Online Public Access Catalog. This is also referred to by its acronym, OPAC, or just the OWWL Catalog.

Patrons can access the catalog from the the webpage by:
  • Clicking the Login button to directly enter their Account
  • Starting a search
  • Clicking the cover image of one of the NYT bestsellers to go directly to that title

OPAC owwl-org.png

Log in

  1. Click the Login button
  2. Enter your library card number and password
  3. Click Log in

OPAC LogIn.png

Forgot your password

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it yourself if you have an email address in your record.

  1. Click the "Forgot your password?" link
    OPAC LogIn ForgotPassword.png
  2. Enter your library card number or username
  3. Enter your Email Address
  4. Click Submit
  5. If a record is found that matches the library card number and email address, an email will be sent containing further directions to reset your password

OPAC LogIn ForgotPassword EmailRequest.png

Login Username

Account Summary

After logging in, the Account Summary screen will display. This provides an overview of the account status and any unpaid bills.
OPAC AccountSummary.png


Library staff can add notes to a patron account to share some kind of information; this feature is not commonly used.
  • To read a message, click the Subject link.
  • Actions for selected messages include Mark as Read, Mark as Unread, and Delete.
  • To take an action from the list, check the box at the beginning of the message row, select the action, and click Go.
    OPAC Messages.png

Items Checked Out

The Current Items Checked Out tab provides access to information about current loans, including renewals remaining and due date.
  • Clicking the title link will open the title catalog record.
  • Clicking the author link will open a catalog search for the author.

To renew items, select the title(s) and at Renew Selected Titles click Go. If the item cannot be renewed, a "Failed to renew..." message will display.

OPAC ItemsCheckedOut.png

The Check Out History tab will display a list of previously borrowed titles. Check Out History must be specifically turned on, in the Preferences area, before any check out history will be kept.


The Holds tab lists all current holds.
  • Clicking "Show holds ready for pickup" will limit the list to only available items.

OPAC Holds.png

Suspend/Activate Holds

  1. In the Items on Hold list, select the hold(s)
  2. In the Actions for Selected Holds, select Suspend
  3. Click Go
  4. The hold will be marked Suspended in red
  5. To activate the hold, repeat the process selecting Activate

OPAC Holds  Suspend.png

Cancel Hold

  1. In the Items on Hold list, select the hold(s)
  2. In the Actions for Selected Holds, select Cancel
  3. Click Go
  4. The hold will be removed

OPAC Holds  Cancel.png
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