Inventory Library Materials


To inventory library materials, library staff will log in to Evergreen and scan all on-shelf items using the "Update Inventory" checkin modifier. After a shelving location/section is completed, library staff run a report which displays all items that should be on the shelf.

Inventory Process

  1. Library staff scans all on-shelf items with the "Update Inventory" checkin modifier enabled.
    • If available, the easiest way to do this is to use a laptop to scan items right from the shelf
    • As an alternative, you may scan in all of the items on a shelf in the Item Status screen (Circulation > Item Status). After you've scanned in a portion of items, you can select the items and use the "Update Inventory" option from the Actions menu.
  2. When a section is completed, open the Reports Browser > Ad Hoc Reports and run the Inventory By Shelving Location
  3. The report includes inventoried items AND items in that location but were not on the shelves
    • All items scanned will have a date and workstation in the "Last Inventory Date" and "Last Inventory Workstation" fields
    • Items not scanned will either not have a date or workstation entry in these fields or may have an older date from previous inventory projects
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