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Until this page is completed and the Volume Transfer information is updated, please send your requests to the System's Cataloger, thank you (9/3/2020)

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Edit Volumes (call numbers)

Links to Edit Volumes specifically gives access only to editing the call number.

Batch edit volumes (call numbers)

Call Number Recommendations

For some records, Call Numbers will be included in the MARC record; PLS has configured Evergreen to display only Dewey Decimal System call numbers when available. Libraries do not have to use these numbers at all, or can modify the numbers to better suit their needs. The primary purpose of call numbers in our libraries is to provide a means for patrons and staff to locate materials on the shelves.

Examples of modifying a call number to fit local needs is giving baby name books (technically 929.x) the same call number as pregnancy books (618.x), so that they are located near each other. So long as the call number on the item matches the call number in the catalog record and are generally consistent from one item to the next, PLS has no opinion about local call numbers.

Call number prefixes - FIC, NF, J, etc. - and suffixes - LP, PB, etc. - should also be used consistently. This helps sorting reports in additional to findability.

Transfer Items to a different Volume

Delete Copies

Delete Copies and Volumes

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