Edit Holdings

Existing item records can be edited from the same Holdings Editor used when adding holdings. There are three different Edit functions - Edit Call Numbers, Edit Items, and Edit Call Numbers and Items. These all open the Holdings Editor tab, but different parts of the editor display.
  • Item records can be edited while in a circulating status (checked out, in transit, on hold shelf, etc.) if the edit does not change the checked out status.
  • Changes made to attributes that affect circulation (loan duration, circulation modifier, fine level, etc.) will not change a current circulation.

Edit Call Numbers

Edit Call Numbers opens the Holding Editor tab to display only the Call Number information. Item attributes cannot be edited or accessed from this screen.

Use Edit Call Numbers to change the existing call numer, and/or to add a new Call Number (this will create an empty call number record.)


Edit Items

Edit Items opens the Holding Editor tab to display the item attributes grid. It also includes a Show Holdings Details button, which if clicked will open the Call Number fields. Call Numebrs and Item attributes can be edited from this screen.


Edit Call Numbers and Items

Edit Call Numbers and Items opens the Holding Editor tab to display both call number fields and the item attributes grid. The Hide (Show) Holdings Details and Hide (Show) Item Attributes buttons can be used to toggle the two displays on and off.


Replace Barcodes

If an item's barcode is missing, damaged, not scannable, or needs to be replaced for any other reason, the Replace Barcode option can be used. This function is available from the Circulation Menu, Item Status, and Catalog > Holdings View. Ihe items original barcode will auto-populate the Replace Item Barcode pop-up.


Batch Edit Holdings

Item and volume records can be edited in batches of 50-100 records (the more records in a batch, the longer it takes for records to load and edits to save)
  • Batch editing item attributes will apply same edit to all of the item records
  • Call numbers will be listed individually, and can be edited individually and saved in a batch

From Item Status

Multiple copies attached to any volume or title record can be edited as a batch from Item Status.
  1. Scan items into Item Status or use Upload from File to import barcodes
  2. Select the records to edit
  3. Right click, select Edit option
  4. The Holdings Editor opens
    • The display edepends on thr option selected
  5. Edit the necessary elements
  6. Click Save and Exit

Upload from File

A plain text file of barcodes (and only barcodes) can be used to import a batch of copy records into Item Status. This feature is best used when updating records from a spreadsheet report.
  1. Create the barcode file
    1. Open a report spreadsheet (such as a Shelf List report)
    2. Open Notepad or other plain text editor (do NOT use Word)
    3. In the spreadsheet, select the barcodes from the barcodes column (do not select the header or any other data)
      • Barcodes must be formatted to look like barcodes, not "5.21181E+13" notation
        • To change the format: select the entire column, in the Home ribbon > Numbers area, change the format to "Number" and click the "Decrease Decimal" button to remove all decimals
    4. Right click, select Copy
    5. Open Notepad, right click, select Paste
    6. Save file
  2. Upload the file
    1. Open Item Status
    2. At the bottom of the page, uncheck Trim List (20 rows)
    3. Click Choose File
    4. Select your text file, click Open
    5. Records will populate the list

From Holdings View

  1. From the Holdings List, select each of the records to edit
    EditHoldings BatchHoldingsView.png
  2. Right click, select the edit option
  3. The Holdings Editor opens
    EditHoldings BatchHoldingsEditor.png
    • The display depends on the option selected
  4. Edit the necessary elements
  5. Click Save and Exit

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