Item Alerts

Item alerts can be configured so that an alert pops up at item checkout, checkin, or both, and to control whether or not alerts pop up for certain circulation situations, such as the checkin of an item marked missing.

Item Alert Options

Alert Types / Conditional Alerts

The alert types allow

Temporary Alerts

Add Item Alerts

  1. In the Working Item attributes grid, click Item Alerts
  2. In the New Item Alert dialog enter
    ItemAlert NewAlert.png
    • Type - required - select from list - for circulating items select "Normal Checkout",
      • if you want an alert at both checkout and check in two alerts must be added: Normal Checkout and Normal Checkin
    • Temporary - optional
    • Alert… - required - text of the alert to display

Item Alerts can also be added from Actions menus in Holdings View, Item Status, Checkout, Renew, and Checkin.

Manage alerts

Alerts can be edited or cleared from the Item Status or Holdings View lists, by clicking the "Manage" button. Only item records with alerts will have a clickable Manage button.
ManageItemAlerts ItemStatus.png
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