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Evergreen Widgets


Widgets can be used to display content from external sources on a library website.


General Options
  • widget=(widgetname) : Must be a valid widget name. ( recent or bestsellers )
  • dest=widget003 : Each widget on a page must have a unique destination. Can be any unique name.

  • Does not work with Wordpress hosted sites. They will work on Drupal and Blogger sites.

  • Widgets are cached for speed. Currently the cache time is 12 hours. This means once or twice a day someone will experience a slightly slower load time. For everyone else it should be instant.
  • The Bestsellers widget is very fast since it is loading data from a local database. Evergreen queries on the other hand are significantly slower.

Recent additions

This widget displays recent additions to the catalog based on filtered results:
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
<div id="widget004"></div>

  • org_unit=778 : Library Org Unit
  • Width and Height. Think columns and rows.
  • fnf = Fiction or Nonfiction
  • age = Adult, Children, Teen (Corresponds with copy stat cats)
  • hide_title=0 : Change the 0 to a 1 to hide the widget title.
  • isbn_only=1 : 1 says to only display items with ISBN's. If an item does not have an ISBN it can't display a cover photo.

  • You can leave out some of the filters to get a more general result.


This widget pulls data from the Bestsellers module in Drupal:
<script src="|Hardcover+Nonfiction|Young+Adult+Hardcover|Picture+Books" type="text/javascript"></script>
<div id="widget202207"></div>

  • Width and Height. Think columns and rows.
  • hide_title=0 : Change the 0 to a 1 to hide the widget title.
  • lists=Hardcover+Fiction|Hardcover+Nonfiction|Young+Adult

Google Gadgets

Google sites does not allow the use of inline javascript to add widgets. The work around is to create a real Google Gadget.


The Google gadget URL follows the same format as the other widgets with a slightly different path:

Notice the above URL is widgets/google_gadgets.php instead of widgets/js/widget.php. Everything else in the URL is the same.

To add this gadget to a Google site:
  1. Logon to your site
  2. Select "Insert"
  3. Select "More Gadgets"
  4. Select "Add Gadget by URL"
  5. Enter the URL: (All one line and no spaces)
  6. click Add
  7. Set Width 525 pixels and height 200 pixels
  8. Uncheck all 3 boxes
  9. Click OK
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