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These settings allow staff to set default behaviors for the Evergreen client.
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Disable Sounds

There are four types of sounds trigegred by different Evergreen events: Success, Info, Warning, Error. Checking the Disable Sounds checkbox allows you to turn off all Evergreen sounds.
WebClient WorkstationAdministration DisableSounds.png

The volume of these sounds is controlled by your PC volume. You can adjust the volume for all applications by clicking the volume control in the Windows toolbar, or adjust the volume for the Evergreen Chrome profile by opening the Volume Mixer.
  1. In the Windows toolbar search box start typing: adjust system volume, click on the option when it appears
  2. The Volume Mixer dialog opens, move the volume slider for Chrome

ALERT! Scanner sounds are not controlled by Evergreen or the PC, and do not indicate any action has been made EXCEPT that something has been scanned.

Default Search Library

Automatically limits the library collecton that will be searched. PLS recommends setting the default to OWWL to always search the entire system.
WebClient WorkstationAdministration DefaultSearchLibrary.png

Preferred Library

Gives display priority to copies held by the selected library. PLS recommends setting this to your local library.
WebClient WorkstationAdministration PreferredSearchLibrary.png

In search results, titles will display a statement such as "27 of 42 copies available in OWWL / 2 of 2 copies available at LIB".
WebClient WorkstationAdministration PreferredSearchLibrary Results.png

In the title details > holdings list, the specified library's holdings will appear at the top of the list, with other libraries' holdings in alphabetical order after.
WebClient WorkstationAdministration PreferredSearchLibrary HoldingsOrder.png

Advanced Search Default Pane

Changes the search pane that opens by default when Search the Catalog is opened. The standard default is Advanced Search, but options include Numeric or MARC Expert. PLS recommends leaving this at Advanced Search.

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