Original Catalog Record Request

When do I request an original catalog record?

Request a original catalog record when no existing records have been found following libraries' submissions of their ISBNs and/or UPCs via the orders@pls-net.org process.

*Due to COVID-19 closures, this form may also be used for items that still do not have a record after being processed via orders@pls-net.org.

Original cataloging process

Libraries should send these materials to PLSHQ, attention: Kathryn or Cataloging, AFTER ensuring that library identification has been added to each item prior to placing them in delivery.

Items received at PLSHQ will be date stamped and cataloged according to the date received, unless special circumstances warrant a change in that workflow.

Examples of items that require original cataloging:

  • Self-published works
  • Realia (toys, games, other three-dimensional items)
  • Kits
  • Items requiring special handling due to age or condition
  • Any items during a time of no delivery to/from PLSHQ

Cataloging contacts

If you have questions please contact us.

Request Form

Complete this form with as many details as possible to help ensure a quality record is created. When you have finished, click on the Submit Request button. This will initiate the record-creation process.

Your completed form MUST include:
  • Your email address
  • Your library's name
  • Title (this is the item's title -- see specific material type description below for source)
  • Physical description (see material type description below for details)
  • Summary
  • Material type
Additionally, you are asked to include material type details and format specific information (see details below)

Specific material type information to include as applicable:

  • Title (taken from the title page, not the cover). Include the cover and/or spine title if different in the Additional Comments field (indicating if it is the cover and/or spine title)
  • Author(s)
  • Illustrator(s)
  • ISBN(s) (not a UPC as publisher's tend to reissue these numbers -- check inside the book to see if ISBN matches back cover)
  • Editor(s)
  • Translator
  • Publisher information (place, name, date)
  • Physical description as applicable
    • Number of pages or Unpaged (if pages are not numbered)
    • illustrations (color or black & white), maps, portraits, charts
    • height of book (measured in cm along the spine, round up to the next full cm); width of book ONLY if the book is wider than it is high
  • Intended audience (Juvenile, Teen, Adult) if known
  • Format (regular or large print)
  • Title (taken from disc surface or container)
  • ISBN
  • Abridged or Unabridged edtion
  • Physical description: Number of discs (ex. 7 audio discs)
  • Narrator
  • Playing time
  • Additional format information (VOX book, Playaway, etc.)
  • Intended audience (Juvenile, Teen, Adult) if known
Music CD
  • Title (taken from disc surface or container)
  • UPC
  • Manufacturer number (usually found on container insert or disc)
  • Explicit or edited version (if specified)
  • Physical description: Number of discs
  • Performer(s)
  • Playing time
  • Playlist
  • Form of music (jazz, rap, classical, etc.)
  • Intended audience (Juvenile, Teen, Adult) if known
  • Title (taken from disc surface or container)
  • Format (DVD, Blu-ray, 4K-UHD)
  • UPC or ISBN
  • Manufacturer number (usually found along spine of container, sometimes on disc)
  • Publisher (Parmount, Warner Bros., etc.)
  • Physical description
    • number of discs
    • playing time
    • color or black & white content
  • Full screen or wide screen
  • Motion picture of Television program
  • Cast
  • Rating (G, PG, R, Unrated) and the reason (language, violence, etc.) (included on packaging as a rule)
  • Director
  • Actor(s) (5 names max)
  • Language(s) of dialogue and subtitles
Video games
  • Title (taken from disc or chip surface, or container)
  • UPC
  • Gaming platform (XBox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, computer, etc.)
  • Physical description
    • Number of discs, chips or flashdrives (ex. 1 computer disc, 1 computer chip, 1 USB flashdrive)
  • Rating and/or recommended age level
Realia (objects such as toys, sculptures, tools, bike locks, cake pans, etc.)
  • The title you are giving this object (Adventure box: Gardening; Flower cake pan, etc.)
  • What this object is (if different from the staff-assigned title)
  • UPC if available
  • Name of manufacturer
  • Year manufactured
  • Physical description
    • contents if more than 1 object
    • color and material of object(s) (ex. black, plastic, electronic)
    • size of object(s) (measured in cm across 3 dimensions)
  • Contents list
  • Intended audience/user age
  • Restrictions on circulation (checkout/check in only at issuing library, etc.)
Original Catalog Record Request
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Library *
Item's Title *
Physical Description *
Summary *
Material Type *
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