Trustee Newsletter July 2020

System Update

Services to Member Libraries

At the system, we continue temporary, clean-up delivery runs to help move materials back to their owning libraries. The 72-hour quarantine of items prior to delivery pick-up will continue indefinitely. While we understand quarantining is a hindrance to libraries, it is the best and most current information we have to ensure any potentially contaminated items are rendered “harmless” before moving them on.

Local holds are now active as well. Within the first 12 hours, roughly 300 holds were placed. The day ended with close to 1,500 holds.

Weekly GoToMeeting sessions offered by system-staff are beginning to wind down as libraries are beginning services. Evergreen and Director support are transitioning to “Office Hours” in order to keep that ongoing connection and open communication with member library staff.

State Aid

Unfortunately, there has been no update from the state budget office. The last report indicated that NY continues to wait for the federal government to pass an aid package for states. As far as I can tell, no aid has been released to any localities (schools, towns, counties, or libraries). We will continue to spend cautiously until we have a better idea of what funding will look like.

Online Board Meetings

Earlier this month the Governor signed an Executive Order to extend the ability for boards to meet online until August 5, 2020. If your board would like to schedule a meeting using our GoToMeeting account, just let me know. I continue to suggest meeting online if you can.

If your board opts to meet in person, be sure you follow all provisions of Open Meetings Law and the NY Forward Phased Reopening. It is also suggested that board members complete the health screening form before entering the library or meeting space. Including board meetings in your reopening plan would be a wise decision as well in case there is ever an issue.

Long-Range Planning

Many libraries are thinking about the future and rewriting their long-range plans. If you're looking for some help, take a look at the Long-Range Planning page on Owwl Docs. It offers a couple of templates as well as some information on how to build a plan for our current COVID-19 situation. All libraries will be required to have an updated plan by January 1, 2021, to remain in compliance with NYS Minimum Standards.

Changes to Upcoming Trustee Workshops

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