Monday Briefing - June 14, 2021

Delivery Update from Suzanne

We are still working to increase Delivery to pre-COVID levels, however, we are unfortunately still facing personnel challenges. Currently, we have one Driver out on leave and another Driver has had to temporarily cut back hours. We hired a new Driver several weeks ago, and we are currently onboarding a second new Driver. This transition will once again lead to some cancellations, time adjustments, and delays. We ask for your patience as we work through these changes. If there are questions or concerns, please send them to Suzanne.

Director Search: Geneva Public Library

Ontario County Civil Service and the Geneva Public Library Board of Trustees have asked that I send out the LIBRARY DIRECTOR III Civil Service Exam information for their upcoming director search.

Chris Finger is leaving GPL in October 2021 and the Board is working to promote the examination so they have a broad candidate pool.

Interested candidates can visit to apply. There are other open exams in that link as well.

Director Comment Period on Plan of Service 2022-2026

The next phase of drafting our 2022-2026 Plan of Service is to offer Directors an opportunity to comment on the goals for each section. You will notice that the priority areas are similar to what you have seen before, the difference is that they now incorporate the comments offered by Directors from a few months ago. Please take a few moments between now and June 28, 2021 to comment on the draft Plan of Service 2022-2026.

The for can be found here:

Legislative Update

Senate Bill S2890B

Relates to requiring publishers to offer licenses for electronic books to libraries under reasonable terms.
  • Has passed both the Senate and Assembly.
  • Now on to the Governor.

Senate Bill S4435B

Requires members of a board of trustees of public, free association and Indian libraries to complete two hours of trustee education annually.
  • Has passed both the Senate and Assembly.
  • Now on to the Governor.

Learning Opportunities this Week from Suzanne

Tuesday @ 10am Grab & Go Learning: NYS Historic Newspaper Project

NYS Historic Newspaper Project provides free online access to a wide range of newspapers that reflect New York's unique history. Join Project Technical Lead Chuck Henry to learn how the materials are collected, what titles are available, and how to search the site.

Friday @ 10am System Meeting: National Alliance on Mental Health

Understanding mental illness can make a big difference in the service libraries provide to their community members. Join the National Alliance on Mental Illness to help raise awareness and change perceptions around mental health conditions within our libraries.
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