Local History Interest Group Meeting, Friday, June 10, 2016

Newspaper Project

  • Catalog records added for print/bound/microfilm newspaper holdings, with links to digital when available; digital-only holdings have also been added when applicable
  • Lindsay has received digital files from Lyons, Naples, Williamson, Sodus, and Attica; these have all been transferred to a brand new PLS storage server as preservation copies (harddrives can be returned to their libraries), and working copies for preparation for upload to NY Historic Newspapers
  • Digital files sent to NYHNP depends on resolving a few problems…
  • File names
    • NYHNP requires file names in a specific format: town-newspaper-name-YYYYDDMM-001.pdf
    • The majority of our files are NOT named according to this convention
    • MANY files are not "in order" - i.e. file001 does not equal page 1 of the paper, it might be page 8.
    • We have hundreds of thousands of files which require fixes, this is some combination of scripted process and manual updates…
  • Multiple pages per scan
    • Many papers were either scanned (or originally microfilmed) with two pages per scan
    • These need to be split into single page files
  • Permissions from publishers for titles 1923 and on


Digitization equipment!

PLS has ordered - and received! - a flatbed scanner for flat items, and a DIY photobox set up (including a fold-up display board for the box and photo lights, which can be used with a digital SLP camera (also provided by PLS) to capture digital images of books and other 3D or delicate objects. We envision that this can travel to libraries or be used here at PLS.

We are looking for beta libraries! Do you have a smallish collection of letters or photos, a book to start with, or objects?

New York Heritage - collection descriptions

When creating collections for NY Heritage, it's important to decribe your organization and the collections you are adding. Here's the Geneva page for example: http://nyheritage.nnyln.net/cdm/landingpage/collection/JSY

County Historian liasion project

Working with local/town/community historical societies

2017 RBDB Grant

Lindsay has written, and soon will submit, an RBDB (RRLS technology/resource sharing) grant, to pay for the transcription and description of the Naples Library Civil War Letters collection.

Local projects?

Hoffman essays

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